Design and procuction of windows display

Visual tools introducing

Visualplex designs and develops exhibition tools for merchandising  products of various categories, as well as products for a variety of settings, boutiques and other dealers

The deep knowledge of the strategies and visual merchandising techniques allow Visualplex to aim the research and the development of innovative materials. New trends are adopted in order to create harmony among exhibition tools and items to the displayed.

Visualplex tools from a integral part of customized settings. Customer products re consequently enhanced and shop settings acquire value, contributing to create persuasive feelings in the final customer.

Visualplex produces visual tools implementing an accurate industrialized production system which allows a huge amount of goods to be produced regardless of the type of materials used, the product group, and the time of world-wide supply.

The handcrafted production together with a steady attention to the design evolutions allows Visualplex to create the optional harmony between the exhibitor and the product.