Design and procuction of windows display

Visualplex specialises on the production and design of window display, visual tools and luxury furnishing for the high fashion industry. The company  dates back to 2001; a 6,000 square meters of modern facility located near Florence.

Our team of over 50 experts is focused on the progress of the company and most importantly is dedicated to customer satisfaction.  Our project managers follow every new request from the initial proposal to the final production.  The company’s constant creative research for new and innovating material ensures a high quality product.

At Visualplex we believe in high quality. Our creations are the product of a combination between the excellent Tuscan craftsmanship and modern techniques. To ensure the best production, our team works closely and very carefully on every new project, from the prototyping to the production, shipping and installation, as well as, post production and onsite assistance.

Visualplex is a dynamic and very productive organization in constant evolution. It is increasingly growing thanks to the design methodology of our team of experts, in addition to, their ability to simplify complex projects still guaranteeing  the greatest of outcomes.