Progettazione, produzione e allestimento di vetrine, pop up e display

The knowledge of visual merchandising strategies and techniques allows Visualplex to finalize the research and development of materials and to adopte new design trends.
Different shapes are made with the cutting, folding and gluing of plexiglass.
The wood in various types of essences is shaped and assembled with different assembly techniques. The product is exalted with objects of high craftsmanship realized and covered with leather and fabric for all types of support. From digital file to the high size element with the 3D printing, this method is flexible and ecologic.

Element with big effect are produced with resin use and other materials that are subsequently painting. The most adapt metal is chosen and it’s possible apply various techniques as shaped, folding and incision. With a mix of craftsmanship and technology are integrated lights, animation and motorization system for every project.
From the graphic design to the printing on every variety od supports and materials.