Progettazione, produzione e allestimento di vetrine, pop up e display

Visualplex is specialized in the design and production of window displays, pop-up, displays and furniture, guaranteeing the expected results to a heterogeneous audience of customers in the fashion, luxury and other sectors.
With 20 years of experience, it studies original design proposals and sophisticated solutions. Working as a team, it transforms ideas into reality with creativity and experimentation, thanks to the knowledge of materials and processing techniques.

A meeting point between creative visual design, modern production technologies and masterful craftsmanship, Visualplex works with excellence in all design phases, from the analysis of needs to the creative moment, from prototyping to production, from shipping to set-up, from on-site assistance to post production.
Visualplex is an expert, dynamic and constantly evolving reality, passionate about sustainability, it uses the principles of Circular Design to develop and model projects.

For a sustainable development of the business, Visualplex also bases its activity on ethics, a tool that accompanies the company in managing the various relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and the market.
This allows the company itself to build its own growth, consolidating an image that is faithful to the values ​​in which it believes. With the code of ethics Visualplex acts according to fairness and reliability, generating value through its work.