Progettazione, produzione e allestimento di vetrine, pop up e display

In line with the principles and rules currently in force worldwide, for Visualplex sustainability means carrying out one's business trying to guarantee and improve environmental, social and economic well-being to best meet the current needs without compromising those of future generations.

Visualplex has developed a process to measure the circularity of its setting up projects, on the basis of regulation UNI EN ISO 14021:2016, for the purposes of monitoring and improving the performances of circularity. It provides to the customers a final report with the environmental characteristics and the results of this measurement.
It has created an internal material library that represents a valid support tool, for the selection and evaluation of the characteristics of the materials to be used and to seek improving solutions to propose to the customer.
All projects are made with the aim of being able to disassemble the materials that make it up, to facilitate their subsequent recovery, reuse and recycling.

With particular reference to the principles of circular economy, Visualplex has undertaken a strategy aimed at the efficient use of resources, from procurement, waste management, packaging, logistics, the choice of materials, to the possession of certifications and the conception of projects according to the principles of Life-Cycle Design.