Progettazione, produzione e allestimento di vetrine, pop up e display

"Straordinario Sentire" Homo Faber event


Fondaco dei Tedeschi for the second edition of Homo Faber, an international exposition that promote the handmade talent, host our Straordinario Sentire installation in collaboration with Accademia del Profumo. The special exposition space protagonist is the sense of smell and his bond with the memory. Our creative proposal accompany the visitor in the alchemical world where expositive wall depict a venetian perfumer laboratory with alembic still, phials, funnels where the color and rappresentative elements explicit the varoius olfactory facets.
Arches covered with colored weft fabric create a way where we can dive in the 15 scented accords that corresponde to a color, each one is created with a essence bouquet. Each of them is a half-closed door in a different world, an experience to explore, live, dive and remember.
A experiental way dedicated to secrets, raw materials, techniques and perfumes creation savoir faire.